Fading Brands

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Is Your Brand Past its Sell-By Date?

Featuring research from 1,000 British consumers, our breakfast event unveiled our key findings and some surprising truths about consumers' changing value perceptions among the UK's leading brands.

Chaired by The Grocer, our keynote speakers and panel provided some practical recommendations to marketers about what actions to take as a result.

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Some major grocery brands are in dire need of a turnaround in their fortunes, according to UK consumers. That’s the conclusion of a survey among 1,000 people that we conducted early in 2016*, asking which brands people buy less frequently now than they did five years ago.

The results will raise eyebrows among grocery brand board members, industry analysts and other experts. There are implications for the future health of top grocery labels including the likes of Cadbury’s, Heinz and Coca-Cola.

Our panel also outlined many factors which they believe drive sales success or failure. Respondents told us they baulk at paying ‘expensive’ prices for some items even if they are category leaders. There are many other considerations at the point of purchase, producing what can be a toxic mix. Left unchecked, your brand could easily become ‘boring’ or ‘outdated’ in the eyes of shoppers.

Averting disaster is key if sales start to struggle. Our report offers strategic insight and practical advice to reverse declining sales. Using recent examples, we will prove that if you understand and act on some key truths, you could become your brand’s saviour.

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