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What Women Want:
Beyond Feminism in Advertising

The last few years has seen a radical shift in female empowerment within marketing. The fantastic ‘This Girl Can’, promoting fitness and power whatever shape or size, and Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, has swept over the nation, which has become spell bound by powerful ‘femvertising’.

Empowerment is the norm in day to day communications targeted at women. But are we putting too much pressure on women to be perfect in every way possible? Surely this empowerment could be having a negative effect, pushing not the former skinny ideology upon women, but a pressure to become an ass-kicking workaholic, who looks brilliant and has a fabulous home life?

‘Femvertising’- the buzzword relating to marketing to women is following a path which will eventually come to a cross roads. Are we empowering? Or are we just trying to make women more like men?

We teamed up with The Drum Network to host a panel discussion, compered by Laura Jordan-Bambach of She Says, with panellists from advertising, brand, fashion and health backgrounds to find out what we can expect beyond feminism.

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