Southpaw Hatch is an exciting new start-up platform.

We believe in being unorthodox and get a kick out of developing challenger brands that stun the market from left field. Hatch combines strategic, creative, execution and financial prowess to craft disruptive brands.

Hatch is on the hunt for business adventurers that are progressive, passionate and brave. We are looking for diverse ideas that have the potential to grow rapidly and become strong contenders in market.

Hatch will bring – business consulting, advertising expertise, mentoring, inspiration, connections and a home.

You will bring – total commitment, belief, ambition, courage and a stand out idea.

Contact us below if this sounds like the partnership for you.

Meet the Hatch team

  • Craig Roderick

    Creative Director

    Hatch is a very exciting new Southpaw kickstarter platform. If we can help expose something amazing, a product, an idea, a company or event that takes off and is successful I’d be massively happy.

  • Ria Campbell

    Head of Content Activism

    There are talented people out there with big ideas and the drive to succeed. Hatch enables us to connect with them, offer our support and collaboration, and potentially enable something game-changing. Doesn’t get better than that.

  • David Ham

    Financial Director

    Nurturing an idea to a successful launch is both exciting & rewarding – assisting fresh thinking generates a positive outlook where you focus on opportunity & potential.

  • Niki Macartney

    Strategy Director

    "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the experts mind there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki. With Hatch our philosophy is to look at everything with beginners eyes.

  • Tom Poynter

    Group Managing Director

    We've built Hatch to give progressive thinkers the ability to launch their product or service in a world that is ever changing.

  • Glenn Smith

    Creative Director

    I’m looking for originality. That’s it. It can come in any form – a new business idea, a new product, a new methodology, a new theory. If it’s original it has value.

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