Immortal Brands

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The Immortal Brands Breakfast

Going vegan, doing hot yoga, saying no to that double chocolate chip frappuccino; we all do something to stave off the grim reaper for as long as possible. 

Like us, brands face a limited lifespan if they don’t remain fit, lean and ready to adapt. In today’s consumer market, getting comfortable and complacent is simply not an option.

Join Southpaw for a round table discussion on how to sustain your brand, where we will reveal our exclusive research* showing the biggest threats facing brands in the post digital age, and how they can survive, thrive and achieve immortality. 

Seamus O’Farrell, brand and neuroscience expert, will give his tips on how brands can live forever in our debate moderated by Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor at The Drum.

The Immortal Brands Breakfast

Covent Garden

Thursday, 20th September 2018


Please RSVP to laura.wood@southpawagency.com by Friday 17th August.

*Sign up early to receive a copy of our 2018 Brand Marketers Survey. 




Guest Speaker:

Seamus O'Farrell

Seamus develops Brand and Creative Strategy through the lens of psychology, understanding how human emotions determine behaviour and brand choice.


Sonoo Singh

Sonoo is a business journalist and media consultant. She has 15 years experience reporting on media and marketing and is currently associate editor at The Drum.

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