Integrated Campaign

As Baskin-Robbins’ official international creative agency, we are responsible for launching new products and promotions for all markets outside the US. Our recent activity for their 'Taste of California' product required a fully integrated campaign with unique branding.

Brand Identity

Our first task was to create a new identity for the product. This needed a visual language that would resonate in any culture and have meaning, despite being written in English. So we focussed on classic West Coast surfer culture to create a logo as sumptuous as the product itself.

Baskin Robbins Brand Identity

TV Commercial

Small budgets can go a long way. All the way to Los Angeles to be exact. Determined to make the film as authentic as possible, we flew to Venice Beach to capture the taste of California for real.

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Baskin Robbins TV Commercial

Print and POS

We created print artwork to be supplied to all markets, showcasing the range of products in all relevant formats.

Baskin Robbins Print and POS
Baskin Robbins Print and POS


To ensure every market had something to shout about, we created a range of off-the-shelf assets that could be utilised across all markets, and create a buzz in any language.

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Baskin Robbins Display

Full market adoption across

14 markets