Honda Forza 125

Integrated Campaign

Across Europe, scooters are traditionally sold based on looks and practicality. But when Honda created a machine that focused on acceleration, top speed and superior handling, we decided to change the rules.

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Our strategy was a bike for the senses - an idea that purely focussed on how it made the rider feel both physically and emotionally. Our campaign line EXPERIENCE MORE is designed to work as an emotive hook as well as a strong call to action getting the viewer to continually take the next step toward making a purchase.

Teaser Films

To build intrigue pre-launch, we created a teaser film that purely features the rider - not the bike. Designed to feel more like a movie trailer, the film sparked a buzz of social activity with people trying to guess which bike was being ridden - almost all of them expected it to be a much bigger and more powerful machine!

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Honda Forza 125 Teaser Film


We designed a bespoke web page for the pre-launch, directing traffic to a YouTube page where users could see MORE.

Honda Forza 125 Microsite


We created a print template to be used across all European markets, forging a strong and distinct visual laguage that connected the campaign together.

Honda Forza 125 Print


We created display ads to be served across Europe, again tying together the campaign’s bold visual style for maximum impact.

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Honda Forza 125 Display


We designed and created all content for the Forza 125 product brochure, including all photography assets and copy.

Honda Forza 125 Direct Honda Forza 125 Direct Honda Forza 125 Direct Honda Forza 125 Direct

Product Information Film

To accompany the brochure, we created a high-end product film showing off every feature in its best possible light.

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Honda Forza 125 Product Information Film

"Easily my favourite Honda product launch film, I still can not believe it has a Honda logo at the end!"
Matthew Lynch
European Marketing Manager