St. Stefanus

Integrated Campaign

St. Stefanus is known as a ‘living beer’, which means it is constantly maturing, so you can choose how you want your beer to taste.

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They asked us to help them grow internationally by bringing their product to life in a way that would engage and educate a younger, more hip European beer drinker. So we started making regular trips to Ghent, discovering that this beer has a rich and eccentric story, full of passion.

Interactive Film

We created an interactive film that showcased the origins of the beer and that also tested the viewer to see if they make decisions using their head or their heart.

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St. Stefanus Interactive Film


Within the walls of the old Monastery where the St. Stefanus recipe was conceived, we discovered the story behind the bottle’s distinct heart logo - a representation of the passion that goes into the brewing process and an image that signifies the notion of a ‘living beer’. With this in mind we created our creative concept ‘The Beer With A Heart’.


To introduce the story of how St. Stefanus came to be, we created a digital experience that invited the user to hear, first hand, the story of the beer by the people who make it.

St. Stefanus Website

240% increase

in sales over 3 years across Europe