3 Clever Case Studies: Brands Winning Over Millennials on Snapchat

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3 Clever Case Studies: Brands Winning Over Millennials on Snapchat

Snapchat is the rapidly rising star of the social platforms. From the teen-heavy ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ messaging app of yester year, to the powerful storytelling platform of today - broadcasting ‘snaps’ (short videos and photos linked to create a story) is the favoured way for so many to create and be entertained.

Before deep diving into examples of how brands are succeeding, here’s some interesting statistics that back up the popularity assertions made in the opening statement:

  • Snapchat has 150 million people using the service each day.
  • 60% of those users are between the ages of 18 and 34 meaning that ‘Millennials account for 7/10 of snap chatters.’
  • That makes the 4-year-old messaging app more popular than Twitter, when measured by daily active users.
  • Snapchat video views are now greater than that of Facebook.

Credits to mediakix.

Those statistics are hard to ignore and so Snapchat should be front of mind for brands wanting to capture the attention of consumers, especially Millennials. Here are some of the brands, who in my opinion, have got it down.

Directed Snaps

Who: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

What: Cleverly leveraging Snapchat’s 10 second deletion rule, WWF illustrated the disappearance of endangered species around the world.

The Millennial consumer spends a lot of time posting pictures (mainly selfies) on social networks and is difficult to reach through traditional media. WWF used this insight to their advantage.

As soon as someone followed WWF on Snapchat, they received a #LastSelfie from the brand: a picture lasting nine seconds from an endangered animal, telling you this could be the last time you see it.

Snapchat users prolifically take screenshots to share on social media and again, WWF used this insight to encourage users to take action. #LastSelfie snaps urged recipients to screen shot the image and send it in an SMS to the brand. Alternatively, more committed users had the option of visiting the WWF website to find out about adopting an animal.

Results: WWF spurred the Millennial generation into action in an inspired way which raised awareness globally for the brand’s causes, while helping it collect funds faster than ever. WWF reached their monthly donation target in just three days.


Who: Cadbury (Mondel?z International)

What: Cadbury became the first confectionary brand in the UK to launch a Snapchat sponsored lens.

The campaign encompassed the brand’s top-selling bars: Crunchie, Wispa, Double Decker, Boost and Twirl.

Focusing on Crunchie - and in an effort to expand on their “Obey Your Mouth” campaign - Cadbury launched a geo-filter that morphed user’s faces into a golden disco ball to attract a new, much younger audience.

The campaign maximised the strength of the core range to appeal to two key audiences: awareness driving with a new millennial generation and reminding an existing, more mature and nostalgic consumer base of the selection of brands still available.

Results: This colourful, interactive geo-filter reached a new target market of Cadbury fans aged 16–24, through a medium they are very familiar with, resulting in over nine million views in a single day.


Who: Cosmopolitan (Hearst Magazines)

What: Cosmopolitan is the only channel that caters exclusively to Snapchat’s female audience and with 70% of that audience being female, it makes perfect sense to include a popular woman’s magazine as one of the 12 Discover channels.

Cosmopolitan claims it is averaging 3 million viewers a day on Snapchat Discover, a milestone that holds significant appeal to those advertisers wondering whether media channels on the messaging app are a desirable place to run their spots.

“Cosmo, which has been a Discover partner since the service launched in January 2015, has seen traffic go from approximately 1.8 million a day to 3 million viewers since the summer, according to Kate Lewis, VP and editorial director of digital at Hearst Magazines, which owns Cosmo.” Read the full article here.

Results: When asked whether the app is worth the editorial effort, Kate replied: “Oh my God yes. It’s been amazing, and we have about 3 million people a day on the Discover platform.”

As the case studies demonstrate, Snapchat holds enormous sway over a younger demographic. It currently boasts over 100 million daily active users, and that number is consistently growing. If you’re marketing to young people, there’s no hotter platform. What are you waiting for?

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