5 Of The Biggest Cultural Trends This Year

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5 Of The Biggest Cultural Trends This Year

Culture around the world is continuously evolving and life as we know is changing day by day. Let’s take a look at the big trends that are set to take the world by storm in 2014…

Falling in love with Brazil


2014 is the year the world will fall in love with Brazil, all thanks to The World Cup. The country famous for football and Samba will find itself very much in the spotlight, and this is set to influence consumers food, exercise and fashion choices around the globe.

So what does this mean for brands? Well, trade association Wines of Brazil are looking to double exports between 2012 and 2016. We can expect to see an intensified interest in Brazilian body toning and weight loss treatments. And Havaianas flip-flops are set to become the shoe of the summer!

And this trend isnt going anywhere soon due to Brazil also hosting the Olympic Games in 2016. For brands that want to be on trend, it will be crucial to embrace Brazil. A good example comes from sport drinks brand Lucozade, who have lead from the front by creating a new flavour called ‘The Brazilian’.



Everybody has heard the buzz about wearable technology, but this is finally the year when it could take off. 2014 will see the wider release of Google Glass, Google smart watch and Apples iwatch. Despite all the incredible features that these wearable devices have, there is one very simple reason why this concept is becoming increasingly popular amongst parents; they will now be able to use the technology to track where their children are.

Technology brand FiLIP have taken full advantage of this by creating a wrist device for children that acts as both a smartphone and locator for worried parents. Nivea have also taken advantage of this trend by creating a bracelet (and app) that warns parents when their child is straying too far away on the beach.

The most astute tech brands are looking to partner with one of these wearable devices, just like Shazam who have recently teamed up with Google Glass. Although the jury is still out on the glasses, it is likely that other wearable devices will dominate the market in years to come.

Celebrity and the Ryan Gosling Effect


Celebrity stories draw far more attention than many consumers care to admit. During the last three years the Daily Mails unique users has increased by 230%, with the sidebar of shame being one of the sites real success stories.

The Ryan Gosling effect is a true reflection of how trend can actually continue for years. Gosling became the ‘It boy’ in 2011 and since then, there has been very little let up. Although the ‘Hey Girl’ memes have died out, the world is still fascinated by the Blue Valentine actor. GQ even did a feature on how to roll your sleeves like Ryan Gosling at Cannes.

Brands that can tap into this trend and associate themselves with celebrities open themselves up to a world of opportunities to gain a higher profile and a louder voice online.

Generation Now


Our expectation of instant gratification is becoming faster and faster and as a result our patience is now running low. Its becoming increasingly challenging to overcome impulses and learn to be patient. The world of today wants things constantly on demand, whether it be information or entertainment.

Arguably one of the most popular examples of our need for instant gratification is the social media/dating app Tinder, which has taken the world by storm. You no longer have to wait for love to come into your life; instead you can take things into your own hands.

Brands that can deliver 24/7 and are responsive to whats going on in the world are much more likely to enter a consumers radar and indeed stay there. Albeit a little old now, Oreos 'You can still dunk in the dark' ad, which was tweeted during the 2013 Super Bowl black out, is a great example of how a responsive, real time message on social media can get people talking about your brand. 10,000 people in one hour, to be precise. And were still talking about it even a year after the event!

Creature Comfort


Who doesnt love an adorable animal? But pet owners have taken this to a new level and have started to love their pets more than people. According to a Latin American study 67% of people prefer their pets to their friends. Even MPs in Germany are attempting to change Parliamentary rules in order to take their dogs with them to work.

The app world has also gone mad with pet related downloads, that can do anything from keeping owners in contact with their pets to actually making them (appear to) speak!

This is a trend that can be effortlessly and yet effectively utilised online in spaces such as social media. Likes and shares on these channels can really help brands get noticed; so incorporating a cute animal into a post once in a while could do wonders for engagement.

As you see from the above trends, this is a very exciting time for both brands and consumers. With the exception of wearable technology, these trends can be easily adopted by brands of any shape and size!

Embrace them and you could win gold; neglect them and you could be left behind.


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