Another Way To Work and Live

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Another Way To Work and Live

No one enjoys a long commute to work, but startling evidence has emerged that it can be incredibly damaging. Research conducted by VitalityHealth with the University of Cambridge has discovered that long commutes can have detrimental effects; increasing the risk of depression, obesity and lead to decreased productivity levels at work.

On top of this, those with a long commute are also 40% more likely to have financial worries and 12% more likely to report issues due to work related stress. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop here. According to Which; rail passengers lost 3.6m hours in delays in 2016-17, with delays of at least half an hour affecting 7.2m passenger journeys in Britain.

You may expect that due to this poor service, prices may have been cut or at least frozen; Sadly, this is not the case. Average UK rail fares have increased by 3.4% across the country (2nd January 2018) in the steepest annual price rise in five years. Commuters are increasingly paying more for less.

The only other perceived option for many is to live in London; which was recently named the ‘most expensive city’ in Europe for the third year in row for renting, whilst Hometrack have reported house prices are now 14.5 times the average earnings of a Londoner, the highest on record. This situation has led to a mass increase in the number of workers embarking on a 2-hour daily commute (ONS). Ultimately this means more people are spending less time with their loved ones, pursuing their passions and enjoying exercise. Surely there is another way? Royal Tunbridge Wells was recently voted the 5th happiest place to live in the UK, a pretty big coup for the Kent based town.

Many would put this down to the European feeling Pantiles, or it’s array of bars and restaurants. But in reality, something far more game changing is happening. Tunbridge Wells is evolving into something of an entrepreneurial hub. With start-ups popping up, creative agencies thriving and events like Ted X growing year by year, this is a community that wants to be part of a progressive movement. Tunbridge Wells also voted to stay in the EU, the only district in Kent to do so, which speaks volumes about the town. And there is one company that is central to this new progressive wave.

At Southpaw, based in Tunbridge Wells we are a creative company that uses the science of emotion to help build brands. We currently delivers marketing services to brands like Diageo, Honda, Molson Coors and PZ Cussons with an obsession of being an unorthodox player in the marketing category. However, it’s not all about the work.

Southpaw prioritises its employees’ health and wellbeing through initiatives like Wellness Week, a healthy supply of fruit and a jam-packed sporting calendar including Southpaw’s very own summer games! The agency is also incredibly passionate about the development of the town in terms of arts and culture with Managing Director Tom Poynter publicly backing the plans for a new 1,200 seater theatre and civic centre complex. Plans were secured for the £72 million project by the borough council on 6th December. Tunbridge Wells is fast becoming a destination of culture, innovation and ultimately happiness.

If you’re interested in working for a creative company, where you can walk to work and take in a play or have time for a run in the sun after work then check out our careers page!

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