Be a trendsetter, not a spectator…

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Be a trendsetter, not a spectator…

As an integrated agency it is imperative that we keep up to date with future trends, emerging technologies and industry insights that may lead to the next big thing.

Like everyone else, we are all subscribed to the usual newsletters, marketing website updates and attend many industry events across the country so that we are fully informed and up to speed on anything going on in ad land that will benefit both clients and the agency.  However, once in a while it is more than beneficial to have a specialist come into the agency to present and answer any of those budding questions you might not be able to ask in an inter-agency event. Last month we were fortunate to have the Director of Mobile and Operations at the IAB, Jon Mew, come to our office to present and answer questions on mobile market insights and recent research from the IAB.

If there is one thing to take from the afternoon that Jon spent with us, it’s that if you are not thinking about mobile or tablet within your planning then you certainly should be. Smartphone and tablet penetration into market has never been as high as it is now and it is only set to rise in 2014 with an estimated 75% smartphone penetration of the mobile market. Agencies and clients are finally starting to recognise the importance of mobile marketing with 38% of surveyed agencies claiming that mobile advertising is now a regular part of proposals to clients. Mobile has become the new required digital platform on media schedules and often comes hand in hand with digital allocation of spend; if you have one why wouldn’t you have the other?

In 2013 advertisers pushed the boundaries of mobile by integrating mobile within TV, retail, dual screening and outdoor campaigns, whilst winning major awards at the Cannes Lions international advertising festival as they did it. Highlights include the Compassion in World Farming campaign utilising the interactive live screen at Westfield shopping centre and a mobile app to feed pigs at a farm in Buckinghamshire, all in real time.

Despite all of the positive actions that 2013 has brought, from a mobile perspective there are still reservations from clients and agencies alike as to why they don’t run mobile campaigns as part of their day to day strategy.

The top three reasons given for not running on mobile include;

• A lack of client understanding around mobile advertising
•Lack of measurement & tracking
• Lack of creative opportunities

In my opinion, you can no longer afford not to run on mobile. If all your competitors are running on mobile, have mobile optimised sites and are driving the majority of custom through their m-commerce, then you really have to wonder why you didn’t do it first. Don’t be afraid to be a pioneer in the industry by testing, trialling and experimenting – after all you might discover the next big thing that leads the industry.

It’s time to challenge the norm and be a trendsetter, not a spectator.

Chris Liffen
Raving Reporter

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