Great Films Deserve Great Advertising

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Great Films Deserve Great Advertising

DUNKIRK, the film event of the year, hit cinemas on Friday and is being described as a stunning masterpiece. Oscar buzz has started early this year.

The film is directed by auteur Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar to name but a few. What Mr Nolan understands is that in today’s world, great films require and deserve great marketing, that helps create an experience before the viewer has even entered the cinema.

Previous examples include the famous Dark Knight scavenger hunt and Inception’s viral campaign. When it comes to trailers Nolan is also a master, showing the audience enough to lure them in, but not too much as to give the game away. Just check out this teaser for Inception...

All very cutting edge.

Dunkirk however is based on real events which took place in 1940 during World War 2. And for this reason a different type of game plan was required and the most traditional form of media needed to be embraced.

The film teamed up with The Evening Standard (900,000 circulation) to bring to life a genuine 1940s Newspaper from the period when Dunkirk took place, complete with real life articles that appeared during June 1940 (in the Standard). The paper transports viewers back to war time, moving them with nostalgia and creating an emotional connection with the events of days gone by. The paper then transitions through to the film’s poster and a staggering amount of 5 star reviews, whetting the reader’s appetite to book their ticket.

An incredibly smart and creative piece of advertising, which just proves, sometimes you have to go back to go forward. It’s not all about tech and online.

Dunkirk is in cinemas now.

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