Hello, we are Southpaw.

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Hello, we are Southpaw.

Led by former Joint Chief Executive of iris London, Tom Poynter, Southpaw will work with challenger brands which need to disrupt, break through and outperform, rather than outspend their competition.

Welcome to the home of the brave. We are very excited to announce the relaunch of our full service agency under the new name of Southpaw. A name that reflects a challenger mind-set, an unorthodox approach and a desire to win.

Today sees a big step forward in the development of our agency, formerly known as Nexus/H. We have been in existence for 44 years, initially launching with Honda with whom today we have a deep and meaningful relationship across Europe.

Over those four and a half decades our agency has grown, developed and morphed as marketing channels have ignited and matured.

But today sees a real step change in that evolution. As an agency, we want to engage with challenger brands who are looking for marketing minds to help outperform rather than outspend the competition. We also want to give well established brands the forward momentum they need to engage with their ever changing consumers.

To do this, we have focussed on our agency strengths and blended together our capabilities of creativity, media and technology. We have also invested in our strategic and data planning offering to provide the glue that binds these capabilities together. Add to this our international partnership with the award winning Japanese marketing services network Hakuhodo and the result is an agency that produces “Brave Thinking” - ideas that disrupt as well as persuade, whilst building equity into our client’s products and services.

The agency that will deliver all of this is called Southpaw.

Southpaw Communications Ltd


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