I have 90 seconds to move you

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I have 90 seconds to move you

And I promise you I will.

According to We Are Social NY, I’ve just succeeded with the first rule of social video content – I kept you engaged passed the first four seconds.

This is how platforms measure your viewership. Four seconds of watching a video officially counts as a view.

You can do what you like after that, but as long as Facebook are concerned, tick, a well-paying brand has achieved a well-earned view.

This is why the media planners and buyers are so insistent we put brand logos on screen within that all important timeframe.

But have you been moved?

Surely this is the only key metric.

As we listen to the first day of inspiring talks at the Cannes Lions Festival, it doesn’t seem to be long before agencies and clients alike are talking about the importance of storytelling, entertainment and emotional connections.

But we’re up against it. Wow, we’re up against it.

Today we learned that a millennial has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Yes, it’s official, goldfish have 9 seconds, and millennials have 8.

But hold on a second. Are we talking about the same millennials who invented the idea of a binge watch? The same millennials of whom 91% call themselves active cinema goers?

This is why the We Are Social team go on to say that ‘how long does a social video need to be?’ is a ‘bullshit question’.

And they’re right. What moves people now is the same as it ever was. They sum it up as – make me laugh, make me (good) cry, surprise me.

So what we really need is a ‘Movement Metric’.

And we’re close to achieving it. Device technology that measures facial reactions, biotech that measures our hormonal responses. It’s all coming, so we’d better be ready for it, as there really is no hiding for agencies after that!

So that’s your 90 seconds up.

What I’ll leave you with is quote of the day. An inspiring talk by Ketchum who asked their panel of Hollywood legend Laura Dern and YouTuber Grace Helbig how they would get a brand message across in 90 seconds. As Laura struggled to work within the confines of the time limit, Grace simultaneously complained it was too long.

Two great performers who it seemed were concerned with how long they needed to move their audience for the very first time in their careers.

Don’t watch the clock face.

Watch the human one.

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