Redefining female empowerment with Sanctuary Spa

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Redefining female empowerment with Sanctuary Spa

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Sanctuary’s first ever brand campaign, encouraging women to #LetGo.

After being appointed as Sanctuarys lead strategic and creative agency earlier this year, we have developed a tear-jerking campaign for the iconic British brand, to build brand equity and develop a modern and more relevant way to communicate with women in their busy lives.

Together with Sanctuary Spa, we discovered research to show that women today are under increased pressure to be more, do more and give more resulting in stress and imbalance. As an example, 7/10 women feel under pressure to be the ‘perfect woman’. Nearly half of all women are feeling moderately or extremely stressed and even worse, 4/10 women (as much as 12 million) feel that they are about to burn out.

We want to help Sanctuary catapult its brand awareness and customer appeal in a mature category, by producing an emotive brand positioning and campaign, underpinned by strategic insights obtained from research, which encourages women to ‘Find Your Sanctuary’ and #LetGo.

“We have identified a cause that no other brand is owning at the moment and one that feels very relevant based on the messages women are hearing and seeing in society today. We want Sanctuary to be the brand that champions the need for women to #LetGo of the pressures that society, media, brands and even themselves put upon them, every once in a while, appreciating lifes precious moments and spending more time being, not doing.” - Tom Poynter, CEO, Southpaw.

“At the core of everything we do is to make women feel wonderful. Our Sanctuary research gives us an incredible insight into the pressures that the modern British woman feels today. Were on a mission to inspire women to strive for balance in their lives and to learn that success and wellbeing go hand in hand. Its important for women to feel they have permission to put themselves first. The message we need to tell ourselves, is how can we help others if we cant help ourselves? The #LetGo campaign is about changing the way modern women live.” - Jacquie Burchell, Global Marketing & Product Development Director, Sanctuary

Our through the line campaign launched with a powerful and emotive film at the heart, directed by BAFTA-award winner Susanna White and will be supported by press, digital, in-store POS, PR and Social Media activity to encourage conversation, sharing and consumer interaction.

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