Southpaw launches Charles Worthington’s first ever brand campaign

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Southpaw launches Charles Worthington’s first ever brand campaign

We are super excited to share Charles Worthington’s first ever brand campaign ‘Hair Histories’.

We have helped Charles Worthington move away from product and tactical campaigns to focus on their first ever brand campaign after they appointed us as their lead strategic and creative agency earlier this year. We’ve developed an emotive and personal campaign for the iconic British brand, to build brand equity and reconnect with their consumers.

Challenging the typical product focussed campaigns that Charles Worthington and their competitors have run in the past, we have focussed on using an emotional hook to connect with women and encourage them to find a product solution to help them love their hair and feel more confident.

“Southpaw were tasked with developing a campaign that feels unique in a crowded market place, whilst building brand sentiment and resonating with Charles Worthington’s brand values. Working with Bespoke Banter, Charles Worthington’s production partner, we developed a strategy built on the platform of “Love your Hair” and articulated this through a creative story board, depicting women’s memories associated with different hair styles in their life, which Bespoke Banter brought to life.” –  Claire Lambell, Senior Account Director, Southpaw.

“When great strategy is coupled with a strong and original concept - in this case the relationship between your life and your hair - the results are always surprisingly good.

Visually we opted for uncluttered compositions in order to maintain authenticity and to encourage a sense of intimacy between viewer and subject. The finished films were received warmly by audiences and we’re delighted to have been part of the journey.” - Sam Orams, Chief Creative Officer, Bespoke Banter.

“Southpaw demonstrated a true understanding of our brand and the market challenges we face, developing a strong strategic and creative response, which will help us demonstrate our brand point of difference and give us really interesting and creative opportunities moving forward.

The team at Bespoke Banter worked tirelessly and came to the table with some great ideas on how to bring the creative to life with our film. We’re really excited and proud of the end result and already seen a very positive response since launch.” - Katie Barker, Head of Product Development & Marketing, Charles Worthington.

The ‘Hair Histories’ campaign launched at the end of August, supported across all digital channels, as well as social and lifestyle sites. To date, the campaign has received over 1.5m views!

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