Top 5 Design & Digital Trends for 2015

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Top 5 Design & Digital Trends for 2015

It’s that time of year again, when we all start looking ahead to see what the New Year will bring us. But for those of us in the world of advertising, we are constantly keeping an eye out for the newest trends in design and the latest technology breakthroughs. And whilst some of our Design & Digital trends below have been around for a while (in some way or another), we predict that they’ll be bigger than ever in 2015:

1. Flat Design & One Colour Dominance


We anticipate that work created within the digital realm will continue to inspire print. One huge digital design trend that surfaced in 2013 is ‘flat design’. It can be said that it was Apples release of iOS 7 that really made flat design “mainstream”, and then Googles Material design guide contributed to this trend with their attempt to write the rule book on interactive design. But as it is still a pretty new movement, well definitely be seeing new directions of flat design in 2015.

2. Big and Bold Typography

With the continued emphasis on flat design comes the trend of choosing fonts that are easy to read. Weve seen oversized headlines and well be seeing more of these in 2015 - mainly because it works and has an impact on the viewer. Straightforward, powerful and effective.

3. Digital Surrealism


The blurring of the physical and virtual fuelled a new surreal movement in 2014, ‘digital surrealism’  meaning Photoshop turned digital artists into modern day Salvador Dalís.

Artists such as George Grie and Anny Wang have skilfully mastered it - creating mouth-watering, dreamlike, digital still life.

4. Eat your Technology


Recently, cutting edge technology has been pushing its way into the food chain. In 2015 it could be making its debut at your dinner table. From 3D printed meals to data-derived diets to efficient home farming, technology will revolutionise the dinner options in a 21st century home. 3D printing expert, Janne Kyttanen, has produced prototype printed pasta, breakfast cereal and burgers to demonstrate how advances in 3D printing could transform the way we eat.

Printed ice cream anyone?

5. 4D printing


Just as 3D printing is beginning to take off, 2015 will see scientists further develop and upgrade to 4D printing. 4D printing will revolutionise the way designers think, as materials learn to build themselves and adapt to their surroundings. Mr Tibbits from MIT says Were proposing that the fourth dimension is time and that over time static objects will transform and adapt. So one day in the not-too-distant future, you will be able to buy a chair from Ikea, bring it home and watch it assemble itself in front of your eyes.

So thats our low-down on what trends to watch out for this year, but were also excited to see what else 2015 has in store for us.

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