We’ve got that Vibe

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We’ve got that Vibe

There are very few people around who would say they love going into work every day, but at Southpaw that line is a reality. Being brave and having a work-hard-play-hard balance has become a way of life, instilled into all of us and because of this, there is never a dull moment in the Southpaw offices.

Since the agency re-launch, we all now live and breathe the new agency philosophy of Brave Thinking. We show our bravery every day not only through our work, pushing the boundaries and going that extra mile, but also through our many social events.

We strongly value our agency culture, which is why we have a dedicated team who are committed to nurturing and developing it. These fun-seekers are known internally as The Vibe Team. It is their mission to become the cultural lifeblood of the agency by crafting a variety of exciting events both inside and outside work, to help keep everyone motivated and engaged. The Vibe team are currently working on the Christmas party with the aim to make it the biggest and best party so far. Not going to give anything away, but its going to be a cracker! *Note to the Vibe team - we need to remember to order crackers

In the short 6 months since the launch of Southpaw we have experienced so much. It all kicked off with an incredible launch party, Native American themed in a giant Tipi, complete with bonfire, rodeo bull and fire dancers. Since then weve had tonnes of great opportunities and challenges. Whether we’re swinging from the trees goodness knows how many feet off the ground at Go Ape or chest deep in mud while taking part in the Major Series, we always try to push ourselves and be just a little bit braver. Colleagues are rewarded with a pat-on-the-back for their hard work with kite buggying and jet pack flying, with more incredible activities to come soon.

It’s not all about the big events, there’s always something going on at Southpaw, if we’re not taking part in a donut eating competition or playing Ping-Pong in the Bear Pit, we’ll be brewing our own beer and branding it in teams, or watching the Management team strut around in frilly pinnies for Managers make tea day. We might be enjoying an extra hour in bed because the clocks have gone back, teeing off in the Southpaw Open, or getting all Mary Berry in the kitchen for the Great Southpaw Bake Off. We are also frequent visitors of the pub afterhours on a Thursday, I would tell you more about that but it’s all a bit fuzzy

While fun is such huge part of Southpaw life, it’s not all play. All of our experiences are tailored to inspire us, educate us and bring us ever closer as a team. Southpaw is one of those places where you immediately feel at home, everyone gets stuck in, gives their best and has a great time. Every day is lived with the Southpaw mantra in the back of our minds Be Brave, Be Curious & Have Fun.

I’m sure you’ll all agree, being a Southpaw looks pretty awesome


Emily Simkins
Raving Reporter

Southpaw Communications Ltd


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The Warehouse, Hill Street,
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