Website of the day goes to Southpaw!

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Website of the day goes to Southpaw!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the CSS Design Awards have awarded Southpaw with ‘Website of the day’.

CSS Design Awards is a living archive of the worlds greatest websites and an inspirational showcase celebrating emerging talent. The goal of CSS Design Awards is to capture every step in the rapid evolution of web design and to shine a light on designers that inspire us all.

Every day of the year the CSSDA judges scrutinise submissions from web professionals in over 200 countries on a quest to award and promote brilliant web design and uncover the worlds best web designers.

Southpaw received 4 out of 5 stars across 3 categories: Creativity & design, code & functionality and usability & content.

We wanted to challenge the user experience from the get go and communicate our Brave Thinking philosophy. So we were inspired to create a landing page that would confront visitors into making a decision; Be Brave or Play Safe. Not only is this an engaging introduction to the agency, but it also encourages visitors to take an unorthodox approach and behave like a Southpaw.” – Martin Davies, Digital Designer

Check out our submission on the CSSDA website.


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