What is YouTube Red and why should you care?

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What is YouTube Red and why should you care?

YouTube Red is a new subscription service available in the US for $10 a month. Google are planning to expand the service overseas in the near future, but nothing concrete has been announced just yet.

On the face of it, YouTube Red has a few great benefits, including:

    • The removal of ads from all YouTube videos
    • The ability to download videos for viewing offline (great for commuters)
    • On mobile and tablet, you can listen to music videos whilst using another app or with your screen off, just like on Spotify. This helps to save battery and turns it into an alternative music streaming app.
    • In a similar vein, the subscription also comes with a free Google Play Music subscription (usually $10). Google Play Music seems to be a hybrid of iTunes and Spotify. You can stream music and save offline playlists with your subscription, but you can also purchase music that you can then own forever.


As well as taking on iTunes, Spotify and (I guess) Tidal, YouTube seem to be having a pop at Netflix and Amazon too.

Over the last few weeks, YouTube Red have released their first batch of exclusive movies and series featuring YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie – who has 41.8 million subscribers, 11 billion video views and a supposed net worth of $60 million. His new series, Scare PewDiePie, has been made by the creator and executive producers of The Walking Dead.

It seems that the point of YouTube Red is to take these YouTube celebrities with massive followings and give them the tools to create something with greater production values and more quality. It’s early days, but it seems like this could be a really big deal for late Millennials and early Generation Zedders. Whilst Netflix and Amazon are catering for the adult audience with original series and huge back catalogues of movies and documentaries, YouTube are trying to win the next generation early.

A smart move from Google and another nail in the coffin for TV.

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