A World of Flavour

A World of Flavour

We have developed a new creative platform for single malt brand Benriach, ‘A World of Flavour’ to drive awareness and penetration. In what is a first campaign for this revived single malt brand, we have created a confident, celebratory launch to the whisky world, and one that does so with a distinctive new narrative. The fully integrated campaign created with photographer Jonathan Knowles can be described as a ‘beautifully told deconstruction of what we are made of’. These stories are told through a brand film, social content, tasting videos, website, press, out of home and retail.

After working with our client to develop a new brand architecture, archetype and positioning, we set about developing a new creative strategy and platform to drive awareness and penetration for this undiscovered single malt. The brief was to invite consumers on a richly multi-layered flavour journey.

In an increasingly competitive and crowded category, Brown Forman needed to carve out a creative proposition that’s meaningfully distinctive but simple.

Benriach offers a richly multi-layered flavour experience, thanks to its multiple eclectic casks sourced from around the world. We soak up and imbibe knowledge, memories and treasures all the time. And as we age, they begin to shape who we are. Meaning not one of us is the same as we were yesterday, nor will we be tomorrow. And the more we surround ourselves with different cultures, experiences and situations the more enriched and multi-layered an individual we become.

Whisky is no different.

This idea is a celebration of what we are made of.

It’s a beautifully told deconstruction of all the rich and diverse experiences that have gone into making us who we are. From the eclectic cask sourcing to the people and our processes that have created us - it’s all these experiences that bring our audience, a world of flavour.

Andrew Watson, Global Marketing Manager said: “In Southpaw we found the perfect partner, who was able to understand the complexity of this new portfolio of single malts. Through great collaboration and their creative vision, we were able to find the right strategic and creative platform to relaunch the brand. Southpaw knew that it was important to appeal to the senses, to bring to life the taste without tasting it and this was achieved through their work with Jonathan Knowles.
They have given us a great springboard to reach new audiences – we’re looking forward to the future.”

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