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Eurotunnel Le Shuttle


Our client Eurotunnel Le Shuttle wanted to recapture the excitement and pride there was at the start of Eurotunnel’s life, 25 years ago, and make them famous (again!).


Using consumer profiling data and our bespoke neuro-mapping methodology we found that the Eurotunnel audience were 'independent, savvy, culture vultures'. We found they loved freedom, creativity, spontaneity, and are motivated by active, noisy surroundings and wanted flexibility in their plans. We found they were highly media receptive and chose to use OOH and digital display as our primary channels. Our campaign is grounded in these insights and helped create work that has maximum impact.


We used ‘Many Happy Returns’ both as a birthday message, but also in the literal sense of consumers who travel with Eurotunnel, will have many happy returns using the shuttle service. The creative is a rich tapestry that sets the scene of a Eurotunnel platform and features all the people, pets, and vehicles who travel with Eurotunnel and contains many celebratory elements to unpack the 25th anniversary theme. We have used 2.5D parallax technology for the TVC and Cinema, which is a technique that brings 2D still imagery to life. The slow motion effect gives the ad a distinct look and feel with a strong visual impact which gives the campaign stand out amongst the travel sector.

Jae Hopkins, Marketing Director at Eurotunnel, said:

“When the first cars went through the Eurotunnel in 1994, it was regarded as one of the biggest engineering achievements of the modern age - it gave Britain and France both a huge sense of pride and achievement. We wanted to recapture that feeling of adventure, freedom and pride with this work, and to toast all the adventures we’ve helped create, as well as those to come. Southpaw really understood that feeling we were trying to capture - the sense of optimism and freedom that comes with driving off on a new adventure.”

Watch this space for results!

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