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Honda Motorcycles
Integrated Communications

With a huge share of the motorcycle market our job is to help Honda maintain and grow their European business. From Scooters to Superbikes, we create fully integrated campaigns for every new product launch.

The famous Honda wings already carry an emotionally charged reputation, especially in racing. We use all of that passion to ensure our communications move riders into wanting to embark on their next journey on two wheels.

Product Launch Activations

With an emphasis on high quality video content, we ensure each new product is launched with it's own unique strategic edge that is always distinctly Honda.

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Full Campaign Asset Toolkits

Every campaign features a suite of assets including press and poster ads, digital ads, DM/EDMs and product brochure.

Africa Twin: Honda's biggest ever bike launch

The Africa Twin was a new halo product for Honda, and a massive opportunity to disrupt the highly competitive Adventure Bike market. Our solution was to create an immersive film that allows the viewer to choose the path of two Africa Twin riders as they embark on an epic adventure.

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A Multi Platform Campaign

To support our Africa Twin campaign we created a series content including technical product films, influencer content with Honda ambassadors and promotional advertising.

77% of all Africa Twins were sold during the pre-sales activity

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