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In The Buff
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We teamed up with a Hampshire based start-up 'to launch the UK’s first ever plant-based protein ketchup' brand - In The Buff®. It has been developed through our brand accelerator platform Hatch, and is the second project to come through the platform.

Tom Poynter, CEO at Southpaw said: “The Hatch platform offers us the chance to work much further upstream - strategically and creatively - and build different client relationships with new business adventurers. In The Buff® is the largest project of this kind Hatch has worked on to date.

In The Buff came to us with a business challenge; to disrupt the ketchup market by launching an all natural, high protein product. This involved creating a brand name, identity, positioning and go to market strategy.

We used several insights to help launch the brand positioning, using tools such as Mintel and Foresight Factory.

We identified our key consumer - ‘The Everyday Athlete’. These are consumers who adopt an athlete's mindset to life, fitness and wellbeing. It’s an attitude rather than a specific demographic. (Foresight Factory)

As a result of these insights, the brand has been developed to tap into the growing trend for people wanting lower salt and sugar and higher protein products, which contribute to good nutrition as well as tasting great. The first product to be launched is Sweet Paprika Ketchup, which makes its debut in May 2018. It is being sold via the Hennicks website www.in-the-buff.uk, then via other health and wellbeing retail stockists like Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

To creatively solve the business challenge, we created brand name 'In The Buff' to highlight the natural ingredients, and emphasised this with a clear bottle to further cement the fact that the product has nothing to hide in terms of what's inside.

We created the brand tagline "Go au naturel" to amplify the message of natural ingredients and a product that is suitable for vegetarians, vegans' and celiacs.

Nick Briggs MD and Co-Founder Hennicks Ltd, said: “Our proposition has always made sense, but ensuring we remain true to it through our product development without any compromise has been our biggest challenge. It has not been an easy journey but with exceptional business partners like Southpaw believing in both us and the concept, we have been able to bring it to life.”

During the first week of launch, the brand received an exclusive feature in The Grocer, another article in Little Black Book, listings with major national gyms as well as Planet Organic, Wholefoods and Selfridges and a big buzz on social.

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