Redefining The GlenDronach

The GlenDronach
Redefining The GlenDronach

We have delivered a refreshed and contemporary creative positioning for The GlenDronach Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The new strategy is designed to communicate the brand’s dedication to mastering the art of richly-sherried, prestige Single Malts. The work will elevate the brand, driving awareness and penetration in lead markets around the world.

The GlenDronach Single Malt has long been advocated by a loyal cohort of passionate whisky aficionados, who admire this award-winning Scotch whisky for the elegant flavour and value it delivers. 

Thanks to a global rise in preference for sherry cask maturation The GlenDronach has enjoyed consistent growth. But sales progression has masked a lack of broader brand recognition. 

A clear need for an elevated contemporary appeal was identified, to deliver demonstrable brand prestige and valuable, significant growth in key markets.  We  struck a fine balance between breaking free from some of the overtly traditional Scotch category tropes, whilst respecting The GlenDronach’s single-minded dedication to creating whisky, using methods dating back over 200 years. 

Using our neuro-behavioural research tool, we found rich understanding about how to communicate with a discerning whisky connoisseur audience and unlocked what motivates them - namely a desire for quality, attention to detail and authenticity.

From this emerged a strong creative idea - Dedication Creates Character. This appeals to The GlenDronach’s astute whisky connoisseur audience's desire for knowledge, and carries a single clear message: that since 1826, The GlenDronach has been dedicated to crafting the most characterful and richly-sherried prestige Single Malt. 

Client and agency commissioned Chris Wormell, a Master Wood Engraver, to create highly detailed wood block etchings that mirror the craft and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of The GlenDronach distilling process. By working in the medium of wood using time-honoured skill, the creative speaks to the heritage of sherry cask maturation, which is at the heart of The GlenDronach story. 

The creative rolled out in December 2020 primarily across social and digital channels in key markets - US, UK, Taiwan, China and part of Europe - alongside Global Travel Retail, and press and OOH in select markets.

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