Redefining female empowerment / Beauty

Sanctuary Spa
Integrated Campaign

Having closed the famous Spa and turned their focus to indulgent, wellbeing products, Sanctuary asked us to create a campaign that re-established them as the brand that exists to ‘Make Women Feel Wonderful’.

In research, however, we discovered that UK women believe that brands and media are putting too much pressure on them to be perfect. And the result? - Millions of women feel as though they’re about to burnout. So we decided to challenge the increasing trend of female empowerment campaigns with a counter message: that success is not defined by busyness, by leaning-in and being a superwoman, it’s in stepping back every now and again, appreciating those moments and letting go.

Brand Film

We created an emotive film - the ‘mamalogue’ - spoken by 5 older women, giving advice to their 30 year old self, reflecting back on their lives and what they would have done differently. Delivering life lessons and pointing out what is truly important in life.

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Press Ads

We created a series of press ads that embodied the essence of #LetGo, depicting an ultimate let go moment in each. All of the copy within the ads have been carefully chosen to signify certain pressures every women faces day to day.

Cause Film

We produced a cause film to unpack the research, strategy and insights behind our #LetGo philosophy.

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Social Content

As part of our social activation strategy we created a series of films designed to help and encourage women to make small lifestyle changes that would increase their ability to let go.

55 million views worldwide and a 37% uplift in sales

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