Diageo in Society
Empowering a generation

We have developed a refreshed and unified brand identity for Diageo’s flagship anti-underage drinking programme, Smashed.

The longstanding and successful global venture between Diageo and their partners Collingwood Learning has taken the educational theatre programme Smashed into schools in 23 countries, across six continents, over the last decade.

As part of Diageo’s ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ strategy, the global drinks giant has set its sights on reaching and educating ten million people on the dangers of underage drinking by 2030. Smashed forms a key part of achieving this pledge.

Where negative messaging and scare tactics have been used liberally in other alcohol education programmes to land the dangers of underage drinking, Southpaw used the behavioural science theory of ‘gain framing’. This places the focus on what a young person gains, rather than loses, by saying no to drinking alcohol.

The spirit of this global campaign is encapsulated by the line, “Alcohol education to empower a generation” - an inspiring clarion call that drives real behaviour change by arming young people with the knowledge and understanding they need to make informed choices.

Southpaw have delivered gloriously colourful creative assets designed to capture the imagination and land a clear message to a global audience. Sophisticated visual and tonal guidelines will deliver consistency, while being flexible enough for markets to translate for local audience needs - without losing the spirit of the Smashed message.Campaign Global Toolkit launching in markets from March 2021.

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