St Tropez

St Tropez
Challenging the conventions of tanning

St Tropez needed to access the audience that wasn’t engaging with the brand. We found that ‘Tan Virgins’ were intimated by self tan, they had concerns over an unnatural result and fears over looking. They also perceived the self tan process as lengthy and time consuming, having to take time out of their daily routine.

St Tropez worked with their NDA team to come up with a solution to these consumer barriers and launched a innovative, industry first in-shower gradual tanning product.

St Tropez wanted to hero the innovative DNA of this product so that our ‘Tan Virgins’ instantly  understood the benefits and how the new product addresses their previous concerns.  We created a series of press ads that embodied the essence of St Tropez, using Kate Moss as the iconic face of the brand. To educate the consumer about how to use the product, our in-house content team create a detailed ‘How To’ video.

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