This Counts

Sanctuary Spa
"Reframing self-care from a 'guilty pleasure' to a 'pleasurable necessity'"



The Challenge

In a world where consumers are resetting their behaviours and rethinking what they want their future to look like, Sanctuary Spa are seizing the opportunity to create a new self-care movement. This will help them move from being a brand all about gifting to a brand that’s used everyday ‘for me’.


The Unfair Advantage

The combined smarts of our self-care survey, neuro-mapping and behavioural science gave us the impetus to take a bold move:

We shined a light on self-care and reframed how women look at it; instead of seeing it as a ‘guilty pleasure’ we wanted them to think of it as a ‘pleasurable necessity’. We employed behavioural science interventions like piggybacking, chunking, authority bias and the humour effect to ensure we embedded this new behaviour change in culture.


The Solution

A poignant and playful look at what self-care really is: the #THISCOUNTS campaign highlights how self-care doesn’t have to be about unachievable yoga poses and instagrammable health retreats - it’s about simple attainable moments of joy that anyone can experience.

The campaign message ‘PART OF YOUR 25 A DAY’ introduces a new normal that recommends 25 minutes of self-care every day. Using humour to disrupt the sector norms, and authority bias to reinforce action.

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