Creating a fresh positioning for the millennials' favourite milk drink / FMCG

Integrated Campaign

We teamed up with Yazoo to define a new strategic positioning and creative platform – “Shake it up”, to help the brand engage with millennials. Born out of the insight that our “dressing gown gamer” audience had reached a point in time where life had suddenly become more serious. The days of watching endless YouTube videos and playing Xbox had been replaced with holding down a job, paying bills and other endless responsibilities. The creative strategy combated this by placing the milk drink as a much needed antidote to this sensible and grown up world; providing a physical and emotional pick me up…or in other words to “shake things up”.

The strategic positioning inspired creative that embodied this mind-set and made a stand against the serious. This began with a rebellious fist that became a distinctive memorable asset for the Yazoo “Shake it up” ethos. We evolved this through a brand film that put Yazoo’s challenging and quirky spin on a number of otherwise boring videos to create entertaining content. Social media was used to distribute topical posts to engage our millennial target, whilst OOH added an arresting visual twist on everyday situations. The final piece of the puzzle was the production of a Yazoo ice cream van; which will be used to have a presence at events across the country and create real experiences for our millennial fans, something we know they crave.

Brand Film

This one and a half minute film uses an elaborate mix of stock footage, live action and animation to introduce the shake it up message. Facebook video was chosen as our primary communications platform due to it being highly targeted and possessing a massive reach.

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Campaign Logo

We created a powerful icon using the Yazoo packaging and a rebellious graphic fist.


The OOH execution was a strong visual twist on an everyday scene.

Social Media

Three 10 second stings plus a stream of topical and tactical assets formed an ongoing social media presence.


Making an impact at gigs and events, the Yazoo van gave people the chance to sample our unique style of humour and the full range of drinks.

Over 1.5 Million views from our core audience resulting in a 1.3% increase in net penetration

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