Don't Look The Other Way

West Kent YMCA
Don't Look The Other Way

For Christmas 2017, we're supporting the YMCA in raising awareness of their vital charity and the often unseen help they provide for the homeless. We've all walked past, pretending it's not happening, but the stark truth is that homelessness is on the rise and young people are needing help more than ever. So we created an emotive campaign to show the public what happens when they look the other way. Once the public were shown the film, we shot their reactions to see how it measured up in a real world environment.

Watch our Case Study film below:

People often think the YMCA simply caters for hopeless young people who are involved in crime or drug abuse. But we only notice the bad that walks in, never the good that walks out. To educate the public about this we created an immersive 360 degree film, featuring a real young person who was given the right support.

In December 2017, West Kent YMCA introduced us to Becky. A few years ago she had nowhere to call home. But the YMCA took her in and turned her life around, and now she has her own flourishing fashion business.

View our 360 film below:

Simply click and drag the screen if you're on desktop or use the 360 functionality if you're on mobile. It's even better if you have a VR headset or Google Cardboard. Best viewed in Chrome or via the YouTube App.

Becky was given the tools to turn her life around, to help others change their lives, donate at dltow.uk/support

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