emotions are our superpowers

Our Services

We are a creative agency that uses the science of emotion to help build brands. We use neuroscience and effectiveness research methods in order to deliver creativity that will have high emotional impact on behalf of our clients. We call this creativity that moves people and we do this for brands such as Honda, Diageo, Molson Coors and PZ Cussons.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

We use business consulting to get to the route of a brands business challenge. Only then can we understand the most powerful way to emotionally engage their audience and create radical changes in their behaviour.



Our brand, digital and content strategists are obsessed with finding insights and opportunities that can genuinely 'move people' and, ultimately, increase sales.


We specialise in building original and inventive creative platforms from which brands can grow and evolve. What's important to us is delivering genuinely impactful work that our clients are proud to call their own.



Ensuring people are doing the right things in the right way can only come through team unity. The culture we have at Southpaw makes people feel fulfilled and allows creative excellence to thrive.

Content Activism

Content Activism

Content Activism gives our clients a purpose in social. We deliver lower volumes of higher quality assets that cut through and truly make consumers love the brands we work for.

Our Network

With over 46 offices worldwide we are supported by one of the biggest agency networks in the world, Hakuhodo.


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Our values

We have a set of philosophies we like to live by. You could call them guidelines, codes, principles or teachings but we like to call them BOB - The Book Of Brave.

  • #BOB 1 : Make It Fun

    Undertakers - they have to be pretty serious. Luckily, we generally don't. For a creative atmosphere to thrive you need to laugh, play, experiment and sometimes even be a little bit silly. So have fun. We insist on it

  • #BOB 2 : Difficult is Worth Doing

    If it's easy you're looking for, you've come to the wrong place. To get to the kind of conclusions we're after you have to sweat a little, scare yourself a bit, go the extra round and face your demons. We don't expect 'right first time' or a 'hole in one' but we do expect you to fight for what you believe in, embrace your failures and never give up. Or in other words: grab the bear by its balls and keep going until you want its babies.

  • #BOB 3 : Do Unorthodox

    If you always stick to the script and do things the same way you'll always get the same results. Break away from the norm, step out of your comfort zone, go bananas and try something new. Imagine if Mick Jagger hasn't pursed his lips and invented his silly strut, if Steve Jobs had been satisfied with his Atari video game or Logie Baird had been satisfied with his radio - where would we be today?

  • #BOB 4 : Run With The Pack

    We love people. Our people are our best assets (uuurgh, pass the sick bucket!). But it's true, without them we are nothing. They have opinions, they have skills, they have a point of view and some of them have crazy hairdos. But the big thing we have in common is our passion, our commitment and the will to stand shoulder to shoulder in doing what's right for the cause.

  • #BOB 5 : Be Furiously Curious

    Southpaws are hungry. We're always striving to learn, to question everything, to unearth new insights, to inspire peers and clients with new ideas and new technologies, to go to weird and wonderful places and gain new experiences. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but we're big grizzly animals and we won't go down without a fight. Bring it on!

  • #BOB 6 : Give A Shit

    People are relying on you. They trust you. They believe in what you do. Clients and agency alike. You are in a position to influence major brand, millions of people and create world famous work (yes you!). All we ask you to do is give a shit and give what you are doing the love and care it deserves.

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